Academic: Educator: Researcher: Annotator

Dr. Nishant Shah is
Vice-President Research at ArtEZ University of the Arts, The Netherlands,
Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Media Cultures of Computer Simulation (MeCS) at Leuphana University, Germany,
Visiting Professor at the Institute for Culture & Aesthetics of Digital Media (ICAM) at the faculty of Cultural Sciences, Leuphana University, Germany,
Mentor for the Digital Earth Fellowship, with the Dutch Development Agency, Hivos, The Netherlands, and
A regular columnist for The Indian Express, India.

He works at the intersections of feminism, humanism, and digital technologies in everyday life, and is committed to building, examining, and critiquing about #Infrastructures of Digital Culture, #Technosocial Subjectivities, #Technological Ordering, & #Practices of Collectivity.


I teach in many different formal, informal, and professional spaces to provoke conversations, spark political dialogue, translating knowledge across different disciplines, and to bring knowledge and practice together for engaged learning. informed by practices and theories of feminist pedagogy, humanist values, critical technology making, and engaged innovation.

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In my capacity as an educator I am committed to translating knowledge from academic research into forms and formats that initiate conversations with other stakeholders towards collaborative change practices. I primarily enjoy engaging with civil society organisations, social development agencies, human and civil rights and liberties activists, policy actors, media creators, and critical artists and designers invested in a sustained critique and intervention making in their practice. In this role I position myself both as a provocateur and a catalyst who helps looking at the boundaries of our practice and expanding them through research visions and frameworks towards values of equity and equality.

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As a researcher, I straddle multiple disciplines, methods, and value systems to create frameworks and concepts that provoke a critique and resistance of the status quo, while also building a call for actions to make better models of life, love, and languages in the face of the digital. My academic research remains firmly grounded in feminist and queer politics, postcolonial theories, humanist values, critical making practices, and innovation design. My research outputs choices are not guided both by academic commitment to rigor and reflection as by the vector of politics and the arc of actions that emerge from my engagement with the fields.

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In my role as an annotator, I engage with different audiences to observe, critique and analyse the daily and everyday practices of the digital. In this role, I seek to implement, illustrate, and underscore the critical learning from my research and activism, for an engaged public debate and conversations. Through performance lectures, embedded fellowships, newspaper op-eds, video interviews, participatory workshops, and community blogging, I provide critical annotations to the accelerated digital turn that we collectively live in.

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